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Our Story

A letter from our founder, Mel.

I created Buoy.swim to be a lifestyle brand. Through design, I dreamt of curating timeless, beautiful, modern and effortless swimwear that complemented the modern woman's lifestyle. 
Your Buoy suit will not only serve you in the water, it will also serve you well on land. 

The Inspiration

The ocean has always been my confidante and a source of my comfort. In its vast embrace, all my problems seem to melt away, giving me confidence to rise to any challenge. Making it an intricate part of my life, I have been snorkelling since 5 and became a certified diver since 12.

I dream of spreading the tranquility I feel when I’m immersed in the ocean and to repay the solace it has offered me in the most trying of times. To achieve that, I believe in protecting Earth’s greatest treasure — the ocean and all its children.

With BuoySwim, the vision of the ocean being an uplifting presence in many more women’s lives gets ever closer.

Our Mission

Buoy.swim seeks to create a safe space for women to feel proud of their bodies, and be conscious that being themselves is enough.

Our reminders come in the form of flattering fits and accentuating what’s you. We maintain sustainability as our core principle, striving to always do our part in protecting our friends in the ocean.

For us, a positive impact on the world goes beyond sourcing the most sustainable materials — we want our product to make a statement for the better from start to finish.

We are proud to be using $1 from every purchase for change towards sexual violence against women. Read more here.


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